Sedona Psychic Healer

On average, a typical session last about 2.5 hours @ and average cost of $320.

​The process of clearing any karmic level blocks requires an integrated approach to take advantage of the qualities of my process and the natural vortexes located in Sedona, AZ. In brief, a vortex acts like a sponge to wick away any energetic resistance that we choose to release from our being on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

We begin with creating a clear intention of an aspect or pattern in your life that no longer serves your highest spiritual purpose and good. During the day prior to the clearing, you are also encouraged to drink extra water and get to bed early.

The morning of the clearing, I connect with Spirit and am shown an area of a specific vortex to do our work. On the way to the vortex area, I council you to understand many of the social conventions and conditioning that have prevented you from realizing you have choice and power to change.

We are now in a moment of clearing. Using many of the same techniques I use in my Intuitive healing sessions, I guide you to release your cellular based memories or notion about keeping the target intention.

After allowing the vortex to do its magic, the next step is to realize the intention is in fact no longer active in your life. We normally experience a very light feeling both emotionally and physically at this time.

Finally, as we return to the vortex trail head, the focus is on anchoring in the new understanding you will be presenting as you return to your normal day to day activities.

Please Note: To date, this service is only offered to clients in Sedona, AZ at this time. Pictured above is a view of the back-side of Cathedral Rock, one of four major vortexes in the Sedona area.​

Vortex Karmic Clearing...

Vortex Karmic Clearing:

Your investment:  $130 per hour (two hour minimum)                  Extra 15 min segments $30

A $100 (fully refundable*) deposit is required to hold your reservation via PayPal or CC when scheduling

*(The deposit is refunded in full if session is canceled at least 24 hrs. prior to the departure time)

​$100 deposit