Sedona Psychic Healer

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​​Session Special Deals: A quick and easy way to view all the current and up coming session deals for the spirit on the go...

First Time Experience: Whether you select Life-path Guidance, a Psychic Reading, energetic Intuitive Healing or Karmic Clearing, Spirit always finds a special, clear and gentle message of hope, focus and empowerment to you in a way that supports your growth.

​​Life-Path Guidence:  With a clear access to your higher-self, Source and this worldly moment in your Now, I serve to translate the avenues and windows of opportunity to advance aspects of your journey.

Psychic Readings:  I use my clairsentient gift to access divine knowingness; and then as a clairvoyant, I see your Higher Self‘s life path. This process allows me to connect you with your highest spiritual purpose and good.

Intuitive Healings:  I scan your body for variations, concentrations, or voids in your physical, emotional and auric fields. Then, in conjunction to your highest spiritual purpose and good, I serve as an open channel for delivering multi-dimensional frequencies to your body.

Animal Reiki:  There is no more loving beings here to support us than those we call our loving pets.  In true form, these beings selflessly serve us as emotional buffers from the trials of our daily lives. Like us, after prolong exposure to stress, they too require clearing.

Vortex Karmic Clearing:  The process of clearing any karmic level blocks requires an integrated approach to take advantage of the qualities of my process and the natural vortexes located in Sedona, AZ.​