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Sedona Psychic Healer

In a twist of fate and shortly before crossing the veil for their final life experience, one of Voyor's soul group changes to include Jade a soul that like Mara, complements Voyor in every way. With thousands of lifetimes in the balance, what will win out Jade's passion or Mara's love?  How will Voyor choose between the two?


GRACE and EASE is a spiritual ascension manual loosely veiled within a timeless love story. In World-side they are known as Grace and Ease. On Soul-side they are Mara and Voyor. As members of Voyor’s soul group, they have shared hundreds of incarnations in the world. With each incarnation, they both move closer to remembering all their wisdom in a single lifetime and complete their joint ascension. Like Thea Alexander’s 2150 A.D., we glimpse the other side of the veil, but a future society is not our focus. Here, we delve deeply into the heart of every soul that dares to seek completion and become one!


Grace and Ease
an ascension manual lightly veiled within a timeless romance...
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