Home of Jenna: Psychic, Healer, Guide and Author

I am Jenna, serving you as a:
Clairsentient (knowingness),
Clairvoyant (visionary)
 Empath (feeling) 

channeling insight through the veil as an Intuitive.

All of these gifts are intended to help you remember, reflect and refine those aspects of your soul that are in the process of expanding.

As we continue to see and feel an increased influx of energy within ourselves and each other, it becomes ever more important to maintain a balance between our human and soul selves.

We came into this matrix to continue evolving our souls!  In setting the stage for that growth, we have made many pre-life contracts within our soul group. As a way of measuring our growth, we act out those contracts as roles in the world.  It is on this soul group level that, I serve as a guide between your higher self, source and your worldly NOW.

“All the world’s a stage…
Don’t confuse the roles you play
with the soul you are."

Laughter, Love and Light to you and yours...

A note from Eyea:             

The time has come for me to take the next step in my Spiritual journey.  For many years, I haves contemplated the yin and yang as an approach to understanding this matrix we call Earth.  The symbol represents the source of wholeness and mastery of balance.  If we look closely at the symbol, one can conclude that we continue to go from light to dark and back again.  I, like you, have made that choice many times over many life times.

This time however, I have selected not black or white but rather the line that defines them.  In this way, I can experience both and neither at the same time.  So, what does that look like you ask.

In laymen’s terms it is quite simple, I have chosen to embrace my feminine side.  The goal is to become more whole and balanced as I continue to grow and serve the public at large.   This process also includes my choice to present myself as the persona of Jenna.  I look forward to engaging each one of my current and new clients with new an ever-expanding ability to guide from a perspective of Spirit as well as Earth.

Blessed be the man that will allow themselves to acknowledge and embrace the Goddess

Sedona Psychic Healer